WP5 - Immunisation information systems to strengthen surveillance of vaccine coverage


This WP will strengthen the interaction of Immunisation Information Systems (IIS) in Europe in order to increase vaccine surveillance capabilities at the national and regional levels.


This WP follows five objectives:

  • To assess compliance of IIS with the New European Interoperability Framework and any challenges that may inhibit interoperability of the assessed IIS’s;
  • To develop a common protocol for estimating vaccination coverage using available electronic data from electronic (IIS) using MMR as an example;
  • To develop a common open-source computer algorithm to estimate harmonized vaccination coverage.
  • To conduct a survey of existing European reminder and recall systems of vaccination in order to describe responsible party, target groups, channels of delivery (SMS, e-mail, mail etc.), timing, frequency and their impact on vaccination coverage in order to share experiences for the future development of reminder systems within IIS;
  • To use the estimated MMR vaccination coverage data to perform a feasibility study for a coordinated cross border measles vaccination campaign in the identified age groups and population groups with the lowest vaccination MMR coverage in the different EU countries or regions.

WP Leaders