Public Deliverables

Deliverable D6.6 – Final report and recommendation of mechanisms of management of forecasting supply and stocks

This report focuses on synthesising the overall results from the EU-JAV document entitled “Guidelines on procedures to estimate vaccine needs and procurement in EU” and propose some future recommendations on important mechanisms that should be in place in Europe to improve and ensure vaccine supply and reduce shortages.

Deliverable D2.6 – Final Dissemination Report

This document describes the dissemination activities carried throughout the duration of the EU-JAV following the procedure described in the Strategic Dissemination Plan (D2.4).


Deliverable D8.4 – Design and development of visualisation tools: a vaccine confidence monitoring platform.

In the context of the EU-Joint Action on Vaccination, a social media and web monitoring platform was developed (accessible at to monitor population sentiment and opinions towards vaccines and vaccination, and to identify the most influential on-line players on vaccine-related topics. This report describes the methodology used for the development of the platform, and the platform structure.

Deliverable D7.3 – Potential mechanisms to increase collaboration in vaccine and vaccination research and cooperation for funding these programs among MS

The specific purpose of this deliverable is to identify sustainable mechanisms to decrease funding fragmentation and increase the potential more collaboration and shared funding on common priorities.

Deliverable D6.2 – Guidelines on procedures to estimate vaccine needs and procurement in EU

This report focuses on the procedures to estimate vaccine needs and procurement . It synthetises:
1) a survey on procedures to estimate vaccine needs in EU/EEA, conducted among persons in charge of national or subnational immunisation programme(s) or of vaccine supply/procurement;
2) a survey on introduction of new or improved vaccines and possible upcoming changes to recommendations for existing vaccines, conducted among National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs);
3) discussions with Vaccines Europe, one of the main stakeholders for this WP, including the collection of responses to a specific set of questions on vaccine procurement.

Deliverable D5.5 – Cross-border vaccination

A future coordinated cross-border measles vaccination catch-up campaign was envisaged to tackle immunity gaps in populations that have not been vaccinated against measles as part of the regular national childhood vaccination programmes (NIP). The aim of this report is to provide a review of experience and best practice on what has already been done across borders and what can be gained by teaming up, as well as the facilitators and barriers, regarding all vaccines (including Covid-19 vaccination).

Deliverable D5.4 – Report on reminder systems

This report aimed to:
• Obtain information regarding the possibility to send out automatic vaccination reminders/recall by the regional or national Immunisation Information System (IIS) in place;
• Identify if the countries had identified any barriers (languages, social, cultural) regarding the implementations of vaccine reminder systems;
• Identify the most optimal reminder systems.

Deliverable D2.7 – Layman report

Report on the work performed by EU-JAV experts between 2018 and 2022. This document will be soon updated to feature all the EU-JAV deliverables.

Layman report

Deliverable D5.2 – Report on interoperability of IIS in the EU area

This report deals with:

1) up-to-date information about the status of IIS implementation in the EU area;
2) up-to-date information on the data quality and data collection processes;
3) compliance of existing IIS to the new European Interoperability Framework (EIF).

D5.2 – Report on interoperability of IIS in the EU area

Deliverable D4.4 – Report on cooperation between NITAGs

This document reports:

  1. the review of existing documents on establishing cooperation structures between NITAGs and competent authorities, and the survey to identify of existing EU/EEA NITAGs;
  2. the survey performed through a collaboration with European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and with the newly established system for collaboration of EU/EEA NITAG (or equivalent expert Committee), to study the sharing and generation of scientific evidence on vaccines authorised in EU and their use in immunisation practices;
  3. a survey on NITAG costs and tools

D4.4 – Report on cooperation between NITAGs