Newsletter n°2

Written by laure vidal on October 31, 2019 in Dissemination

Welcome to the 2nd Newsletter of the European Joint Action on Vaccination!


We would like to thank all of our partners very much for the formidable work that has been already done this year. We are perfectly confident about the continuation of this project thanks to your many efforts!

After one full year of work we are pleased to share with you the first concrete achievements of the EU-Joint Action on Vaccination! The include some reports made buy our teams, several surveys that help us taking into account  everyone in our researches and concrete deliverables that are the basis of our project in which the ideas are finalized.

Prof. Geneviève Chêne,

Coordinator of the EU-JAV project

First Results


The Member States Committee took place on 28th of February 2019 in Paris and brought together more than 30 people including the partners, representatives of ministries of health around Europe as well as representative of the Inserm (coordinator of the project) and European Commission. The meeting was a great opportunity to present all the activities that have been implemented over the first 6 months and to discuss about the role and responsibilities of this committee.

Roadmap for the implementation of actions by the European Commission based on the Commission communication and the Council recommendation on strengthening cooperation against vaccine preventable diseases

The European Commission launched at the early beginning of 2019, a roadmap for the implementations of actions on vaccination throughout Europe. This will allow everyone to see the actions made, the results and thus to be informed on that matter. This roadmap runs from the end of 2018 to 2022 and will be regularly updated by the European Commission.

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