EU-JAV 2021 Info Day Meeting: One Europe on Vaccination

“European Joint Action on Vaccination.
One Europe on Vaccination.
Strengthening European Cooperation to fight vaccine-preventable diseases”


Friday, 15th of October 2021, at 09:00 EEST

15th October 2021


National Public Health Organization (NPHO)

You may access EODY Website here

Prof. Olivier Epaulard

Videos of the event

Event Presentations

EU-JAV 2021 Progress Report

EU-JAV 2021 WP4 – Ensuring Sustainability

EU-JAV 2021 WP5 – Future surveillance of cross border vaccination coverage and possible cross border campaigns

EU-JAV 2021 WP6 – Vaccine Supply and Preparedness

EU-JAV 2021 WP7 – Vaccine research and development priority-setting framework

EU-JAV 2021 WP8 – Vaccine Hesitancy and Uptake

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