Digital workshops on cross border vaccination campaigns

Written by laure vidal on December 1, 2021 in All news Events

EU JAV 5.4 – Feasibility study for EU wide vaccination campaigns

Last week on 24 and 26 November, the Swedish Public Health Agency hosted 2 digital workshops to discuss cross border vaccination campaigns. The workshops included representatives from public health agencies in Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Malta, Italy, Denmark, France, Romania, Slovenia and Luxembourg, as well as the ECDC. The workshops included presentations on what is already being done across borders, what can be gained by teaming up and what are the current barriers and opportunities. All participants were then asked to provide additional reflections on what can be gained by teaming up and what type of EU support can be helpful. There was also a discussion on what is currently being done across borders in support of vaccination programmes against Covid-19 and additional needs. A further digital workshop for stakeholders is scheduled for 8 December.